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November 18, 2014

This Week's News & Notes 


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Saint Celebration



The students of Our Lady of Charity had a wonderful time celebrating the saints in our annual Saint Celebration. They have been learning about the lives of the saints in their classrooms, and love discussing how the saints are models of faith in their own lives. Students did a beautiful job decorating the classroom doors in order to teach others about their chosen saint, and even came dressed to school as their favorite saint as part of the celebration.

At Our Lady of Charity, we know that each student is called towards sainthood as well. Each student seeks to understand God’s loving plan for his or her life, and then freely and gratefully embraces it. Students work to recognize their God-given gifts and talents, and are open to developing them in order to better serve God.


Learning about Farms!


Our Kindergarten classes are currently engaged in an inquiry-based learning unit on farms. They have been learning about the food, animals, workers, and daily happenings of a farm.

The students began the unit by discussing what they already know about farms and asking questions about things they want to know, such as "How does food get from the farm to the store" and "Why do pigs like mud?" Students now have the opportunity to answer these questions, to explore the inside of a pumpkin, and to create farm animal books.

As an extension to their learning, the students took a field trip to the farm in November. They were excited to see the cows, chickens, pigs, and horses up close. They also loved exploring a farmhouse, going on a hay ride, and seeing interactive exhibits to learn more about farming, both past and present.

For their final project, the class will create a collage and explain how food gets from the farm to the table for Thanksgiving day.


Annual Food Drive



Did you know that over one million people each year rely on emergency food items provided by pantries throughout the Chicago area? Of these people, 40% are children. There are steps that we, as a school community, can take to alleviate the needs of our neighbors. As Christians, we are called to follow the example of Jesus Christ and care for our brothers and sisters who are struggling in these difficult economic times.

This year, we have again asked our students to participate in a Scavenger Hunt for the Hungry. Each student has been given a list of items to collect according to his or her grade level. Although families may purchase these items at the store, it is our hope that students will instead speak to family members, friends, neighbors, and local grocery stores to ask for donations. In doing this, students raise awareness of this pressing issue while also collecting needed goods for others.

The items collected this year will be donated to the Our Lady of Charity food pantry. Thank you for your participation, and for following the Gospel call to love and care for our neighbors.


Fall Literacy Night

Fall Literacy Night

Thursday, November 13th

6:00-7:00 p.m.

All 1st-3rd grade families are invited to spend the evening at Our Lady of Charity to participate in fun activities while learning strategies to promote literacy at home.




Learn about ways to support your child’s reading at home with a presentation by our primary grade teachers and through interactive activities.

Students who attend will receive a dress down pass. Every family will get a book in English or Spanish!


El Dia de los Muertos


At Our Lady of Charity, we honor our departed loved ones on El Dia de los Muertos. Students have been learning about this special day in their classrooms, and look forward to engaging in many activities and prayers. We will also be constructing a beautiful memorial inside our school. Each child will bring in a cross for a special person in his or her life who has passed away. We will continue to keep our loved ones in our prayers and celebrate their lives.

On October 28th, our 3rd graders spent the day with their friends from Saint Frances of Rome and St. Ann's in a Day of the Dead celebration. They made little altars, painted skulls, created puppets, and celebrated the lives of all their loved ones who have passed away.