Grade 2 - Ms. Machuca

We choose to follow our classroom expectations to have a fun, safe and faith filled environment where we can grow as saints and scholars and as a community. Students are expected to come to school to LEARN:

                                                       Listen to directions the first time
                                                       Enter and Exit prepared
                                                       Always try their best
                                                                    Respect themselves and others by making wise choices
                                                                   Never make excuses
ExplainingRewards and Consequences  Explaining 
As a way to promote these classroom expectations, we will be using ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a web-based tool and application. Using ClassDojo allows me to give students feedback on these skills. This tool also allows for a better home-school connection. Not only will you be able to see your child’s progress, but will also be able to see classroom updates and photos too! 
How does it work? Are there rewards/consequences?
Throughout the day, students can earn points for their behavior. This is so that you can see students progress with their behavior in school. Students will be using a punch card system in class for their behavior along with a clip chart. Below is the description of the rewards and consequences. 
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How do parents sign up?
During the first weeks of school, you received receive a letter with your activation code to sign up as a parent. You use the Class Dojo Website or download the app. 
                              How else can we work together? 
                              *Check ClassDojo regularly. 
                      *Keep me updated on how your child is doing at home. 
                      *Encourage the skills we are working on in class outside of school. 
                      *Celebrate wonderful classroom moments at home :)
                      *Let me know how I can be most helpful!
                            Have any questions or concerns?
Please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to set up a time to speak with me. I would be happy to help you navigate throughout the site.