Grade 2 - Ms. Machuca

Each month students will work on various skills and strategies across all the subject areas. Below you will find a summary for each month.

August/ September










  • Begin chapter one in the textbook: Addition Strategies
  • Students are going to learn the following strategies to improve their addition math facts fluency: counting on, using number lines, related addition facts, double facts, and near double facts.
  • Explore Site called XtraMath to also improve math fact fluency. This site can be used both at home and at school. 



  • Begin Jolly Phonics Program Spelling
  • Begin to work in guided reading groups to improve their stamina and reading comprehension
  • Use songs to improve various parts of fluency: accuracy, speed, and expression. 



  • Narrative Writing
  • Practice using mentor texts to guide and inspire their writing
  • Students will learn about Type 1 and Type 2 of Collins Writing. 



  • Learn about stories in the Old and New Testament
  • Explore chapters 1-5 in our text which include areas such as Jesus as the greatest gift, Baptism, Jesus Miracles among others. 
  • Explore this year's theme: We are One Body



  • Review proper punctuation at the end of sentences
  • Using correct uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Using finger spaces


Science/Social Studies

  • Describe where magnets can be found
  • Define attract and repel
  • Explain the uses of magnets
  • Use magnets in various centers in the STEAM room