Grade 4 - Ms. Tierney

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In reading classes during the month of September the students have learned the procedure for Independent Student Directed Reading, Teacher Guided Reading, and Small Group Guided Reading. This month they will be practicing reading in many ways, and will have many many books to choose! Fourth grades current companion book Shattering Earthquakes helps the students write down their thoughts and ideas as they read and discuss books. In science classes they are investigating magnets and the magnetic forces around the Earth. In social studies classes they are taking a closer look at the Earth by studying maps and globes. They will also locate the states of the Northeast region on a map. The final quiz is scheduled for October 20. Then, they will begin to study the states of the Midwest, and locate them on a map. In English class the students used a star diagram and the parts of speech to tell about themselves. When you visit during parent teacher conferences on October 27, these projects will be on display. In math classes the students are studying place value and number sense. By the end of the month they will be reviewing addition and subtraction. Every other week they take a multiplication drill. Please make sure your child studies the 0-12 multiplication facts daily at home. In religion classes the students have been looking for ways to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, and are deciding on ways to grow as disciples by living out what they have learned. The fourth grade students will host the all school Mass on Wednesday, November 1, at 8:00. They also attend Mass every Thursday at 8:00. Please consider joining us for Mass in the church.


Miss Tierney