Grade 3 - Mrs. Immordino

January 9, 2018

Unit 2 Social Studies Biography and Invention Project

In Chapter 3, we will be learning about the early history of North America and how the United States developed into what it is today.  Throughout each lesson, we will study the different ways Native Americans and European Settlers adapted to and/or changed their environment for their everyday needs.  We will also be studying the settlement and migration spread across our country and how cities began to build and expand.

To go along with this unit, we will have a two-part project.  The first part will be to research an inventor, of your choice, that has made a significant impact on our society.  You will be required to research this inventor and write a 2 paragraph essay about his/her personal life and accomplishments/contributions.  Attached you will find biography note pages to gather information on your chosen inventor that can then be used to create your 2 paragraph essay.

The second half of the project will require you to think of a problem people face today and describe it.  You will then be asked to invent something that will fix this problem.  Like many inventors, you may not be successful on your first attempt to solve the problem, therefore you may need to make some changes to your invention before turning in the final project.  Attached you will find a hand-out entitled, “My Invention Plan” that you will need to fill out and use to help you create your invention.  You will then present your invention at our school’s open house on Sunday, January 28th.  You may dress up as your inventor from your report if you wish, of course, this is optional. 

Due dates for the projects are as follows:


Your Inventor Biography Report (2 paragraph essay on your chosen inventor) will be due on Friday -January 19th.

Your created Invention and “My Invention Plan” notes will be due on Friday -January 26th.


We look forward to hearing the reports and seeing everyone’s inventions.

Mrs. Immordino