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I will be keeping you up-to-date on what activity, sport, or topic we are covering in your student's class.I will also be listing beneficial physical education and health websites to keep your child physical active and healthy at home.  



 Grade  Activity/Sport/ Topic
 PreK - 2  Thanksgiving  Games: Turkey & Farmer Tag, Turkey Nest Game, Cooperative Team Games
 Dancing: Chicken Dance, Turkey Time Dance, Tony Chestnut, Cha Cha Slide, Cuban Shuffle, Thriller
 3 - 4 Football Basics, Team Games
 5 - 8  Football Basics - Holding Ball, Throwing at Targets (Spot on Wall, Partner),  Catching, Offensive & Defensive Positions  & Principles, Mini-Games ( 2 on 2)



I.Purpose / Functions:
  1. Enables you to Move
  2. Provides Support & Structure
  3. Protects your organs (brain, heart, liver, stomach, intestines,etc)
  4. Produces Blood Cells
  5. Stores Minerals & other materials for body to be used at a later time

II. Identifcation of Bones in Body
    - Cranium, Skull, Clavicle, Femur, Tibia, Fibula, Patella, Humerous, Radius,
      Ulna, Costae, Coccyx, Sternum, Innomate Bone, Sacrum, Scapula, 
      Spinal Column, Phalanges, Sternum

Test on Skeletal System: Dec. 13th for 5th
                                         Dec. 14th for 6th - 8th

Skeletal Test Study Guide