Dear Famililes,

I am blessed to be starting my third year at Our Lady of Charity School.  Most of my life has been spent in Catholic Education and am a proud graduate of the Archdiocese of Chicago! I attended St. Joseph and St. Anne School in Chicago and continued to Maria High school.  Both schools are now, unfortunately, closed.  I received my Bachelor of Arts in Education from University of St. Francis and my Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Governor's State University.  I have been a teacher, Director of Religious Education, and Principal in Catholic Schools.

For the last 12 years I have also had children in Catholic Schools.  I have three daughters.  My oldest daughter is in high school and my two daughters are in 6th Grade and Kindergarten.  My husband is self employed.  For enjoyment, I like to make crafts and play piano.

I believe that every child has endless possibilities.  With the right amount of nurturing and encouragement children are capable of great things!   


Mrs. LeTourneau

"You can only make one success of yourself, but you can help make many successes by inspiring and encouraging others."